Logitech G29 and G290 Review & Download

Logitech G29 Drivers, Software, Manual Download and Setup

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Logitech G29

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Logitech G29 Vs G920 – Which One is Best for You?

Well, if you are using Xbox One, then Logitech g290 can be your choice since it is the only option available for you for Xbox One from Logitech. However, if you are using a PC or PS4, then Logitech G29 can be a better choice with a huge margin that you can consider. 

So what is Logitech G29? 

As mentioned earlier that this is a force feedback wheel, just one of a few options which work with PS4. It also works on PC and PS3. This is a great wheel that radically improves your hit in racing games if you do not yet own the force feedback wheel. But, it may offer you little improvements on classic models before, the wheels cannot work with PS4 because of compatibility issues – they are controversial 

Anyone may think to purchase G29 which is still needed to consider since there are so many options out there. To make a harder decision, both sides also have their own ups and downs, but the nuance is smoother than wheels. So, you can check more on Logitech G29 review as well. 

Logitech G29 Drivers and Software

Logitech G29 vs G290 – here’s to know 

This match up tells you about the compatibility over the quality verse. As mentioned above that G29 works on Xbox One, it would be a better option without any doubt at all. But, it is only compatible with PC and PS4, leaving the Xbox players with G290 as their only option from Logitech. But, it does not mean that G920 is a poor wheel – in fact when coming to standard functions, both wheels are so fantastic. You can check more on the Logitech G29 Setup

Even there are identic in many things as well. They were made from the same materials and hand-stitched leather wheel with a very great degree. Even their sizes are similar and durable – they are very comfortable. It was also possible to add more accessories such as pedals if you want to clean up your own setup. 

Logitech G29 and G290 Review & Download

But, G920 starts to lose this match in a small detail that you may not know. G29 wheel offers you with some features that g290 does not have. This list includes the RPM which shows when the game players should move to new gear. You also get the plus or minus buttons along with the control button to help you do some adjustments on their vehicles. When you pair them up with a fact that g29 is significantly cheaper, it is very easy to tell that it is a better wheel. 

There is also an outward look. Personally, you do not think that blue and red accents on g29 look so great, it may look appealing to you. You can see that g290 looks slimmer and get a more minimalist look which makes it look so neat overall. Except you are using Xbox One, then look is the only reason why you want g290 rather than its cousin. 

Which one should you buy?

Be honest, if you use a PC and PS, then Logitech g29 is an easier option and wheels that you have to purchase. For the looks, it is objectively better rather than g290 in each context that you see. But, you should not feel too bad if you are using the Xbox One. Sometimes the higher price of g290 is pretty annoyed you, especially if it does not have any extra feature. However, g290 is still an amazing racing wheel that never lets you down. It does not only offer you with many features for racing game players may appreciate. 

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Designs and features

Logitech g29 does its best to look and feel like a real wheel for sure. For those who have owned or wanted one of these wheels for years will notice that it looks like g27. It has a dimension around 27 cm along with the frame made mostly metal and finished with the leather. It has a sophisticated shape that gives you enough ammunition to make sure that it is not a toy. 

The most important in this section is leather. As mentioned before that this wheel is pretty identical with g27. It seems that this wheel was made to resist the punishment and harder rather than cheap wheels that you may use until now. But, the upholstery may not enough for supercar grade. Being a PS centric has made Logitech released g29 along with more necessary buttons to control both PS 4 and PS3 as well without needing a controller. The missing part is the analog stick only. Know more about Logitech G29 Drivers Download .whether you like those color injections or hate it, Logitech provides you with any choice.  

Logitech G29

The pedalboard

At this point, there is no additional bling to the pedalboard and it is one of the strongest reasons to recommend Logitech g29. Although the base was made from plastic, however, the board is pretty spacious, needs less securing rather than previous selections. 

You should know that there are three pedal settings, they are a brake, accelerator, and clutch. Each of them has a different tension style – reflecting what you can get in a real car. The necessary improvement in g29 is the brake. The brake is so progressive along with more tensions at the end of depression to give you better control over the brake and it feels more realistic. 

The performance 

Instead of decent pedals along with colorful buttons, one of the best features of g29 is an LED screen just right above the center of the wheel. It acts as the spinning counter, tell you when the time to switch gears, especially if have a low sound. The gear shifting uses the paddles along with racing styles in the back of the wheel. They are strong, sturdy and made from metal – give you the right gear switching. It also allows you to get a half turn before the wheel gets locked. There is more information about the Logitech G29 driving force. All your options should be based on your needs and what devices you use while playing racing games.

Logitech G29 Drivers, Software, Download, and Setup

Logitech G HUB

Name File Logitech G HUB
File Size 35.7 MB
OS Windows 10, 8, 7 32-bit
File Download Download Now
Name File Logitech G HUB
File Size 21.3 MB
OS macOS, Mac OS X
File Download Download Now

Logitech Gaming Software

Name File Logitech Gaming Software
File Size 119.4 MB
OS Windows 10, 8, 7 64-bit
File Download Download Now
Name File Logitech Gaming Software
File Size 110.2 MB
OS Windows 10, 8, 7 32-bit
File Download Download Now
Name File Logitech Gaming Software
File Size 213.1 MB
OS macOS, Mac OS X
File Download Download Now

Logitech Firmware Update

Name File Logitech Firmware Update
File Size 14.7 MB
OS Windows 10, 8, 7
File Download Download Now
Name File Logitech Firmware Update
File Size 3.8 MB
OS macOS, Mac OS X
File Download Download Now
Name File Logitech Firmware Update
File Size 27.3 MB
OS macOS 10.14
File Download Download Now

How to Install

  1. Open the Software you Download earlier.
  2. Run the software, by double-clicking on the software.
  3. Then the Pop-Up or Application that you open will come out.
  4. How to install it is quite easy, you just agree, and press Next, Next Until Done.
  5. Thank you, Enjoy !.

Logitech G29 Setup, Manual – Getting Started

Name File Setup Guide (PDF) 1
File Download Download Now
Name File Setup Guide (PDF) 2
File Download Download Now
Name File Setup Guide (PDF) 3
File Download Download Now

How to Install: Logitech Gaming Software for Windows

Select Language, then click Next

Choose: I accept the terms is the license agreement and click Install.

Wait until the process is finished

Then restart your computer or PC, and the Logitech Gaming Software is ready to use.

How to Install: Logitech G HUB


Please wait a minute, because Logitech G HUB will download the file.


Wait until the process is completed




Select Allow Access


this is the dashboard display of Logitech G HUB.


Then you click Next Slide Like the picture above.




Then select Close like the picture on the top


Then click or select the Logitech Product that you use as above.




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